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Gift Guide for Travel Lovers


  1. Apple AirPods: These are seriously one of the BEST gifts for any traveler or active person. We love using our AirPods when we're on planes, in cars or trains (basically ANY form of transportation)! We also use them daily with our workouts, hikes, or walking around cities!

  2. Portable Charger: Portable chargers are a must while you're on the go. Between phones, AirPods and camera equipment we use them practically every day while traveling! Maps, taking photos + videos can take up all our battery life, so having one with us at least gives us more time exploring without worrying about our batteries dying.

  3. Brevite Backpack: We cannot say enough good things about the Brevite backpack! We seriously take this on every trip we go on because we love it so much! The design is genius, and everything is so easily accessible which makes going through security at airports a breeze!

  4. Yeti Water Bottle: We used to spend a lot of money on water at airports and cities. Now, we just fill up our Yeti bottles with filtered tap water - it is such an easy + practical way to save!

  5. Microfiber Towel: We always travel with a microfiber towel! It packs up so small + is always nice to have while on vacation!

  6. Kindle: Reading on planes or while relaxing on the beach is the BEST, but packing a heavy book is the WORST! We love traveling with a kindle because it allows us to travel light while having access to a lot of different books!

  7. Travel Packing Cubes: These cubes are one of our favorite ways to keep our clothes organized on a trip! We love using ours + we feel like we're actually able to pack more when we use them!

  8. GoPro: If content creation wasn't our full time job, a GoPro would be the only "camera equipment" we'd ever need! It has GREAT stability for videos and is waterproof too. Plus it offers high quality photos + videos (perfect for any adventure)!

  9. Plug Adaptor: We always travel with two of these adaptors when we go international! This specific one works in over 150 countries, has a single plug and four USB outlets. It's perfect for charging all your camera gear + phones while you're on the move - just like us!

  10. Allbirds: We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Allbirds! We wear these shoes on our travel days + on days where we do a lot of walking! We love the style + feel of these shoes!

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